Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Big 8!

I still can't believe that my girls are 8 and are getting baptized this Saturday! Abby and Gwyn has been so excited about this and can not wait till Saturday! They have been practicing with Nate and are more than ready for this big step! I had so much fun taking these photos of the girls and love being behind the camera again!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Here we are eating yummy noddles!
This is at Tokyo airport! It was like 2am for us!
Long plan ride with 6 kids!

Yes we live in japan and I have not posted anything for a long time! I have been kind of busy! It all began when Nate was talking about japan 18 months ago! I thought it would be a great idea and how much fun it would be! Now that we are here we are excited but its been very very busy! Living in a hotel for 10 weeks with 6 kids was so difficult and frustrating most of the time and not having a car and not knowing very many people! We are in a small branch that has alot of young couples and quite a few kids! I think most of them think we are crazy for having 6 kids in 7 years and that we decided to move all the way to japan! Nathan and I were able to go to the Tokyo temple last month and what an amazing experience that was! How cool is it to be in a place that everyone around you speaks a different language and still you can feel the spirit so strong! I love the people here. Can I just say that one more time? I love the people here! They are so sweet and kind and my self esteem has gone way up! The women here that can speak English always tell me how beautiful I am and how I don't need to be skinny and wear makeup! We went to this Korean barbecue last weekend and I cant believe the place is still standing! The place had staples in the floor to keep it together and no fans in the place! I was dying from all the smoke and Nate loved it because you get to eat all you want in 90 min! It cost about 2800 yen which is about $30.00 per person!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whats new?

I just would like to say that I am not good at this! I read my friends blogs all the time and love reading them and I wish I could do the same! Maybe when I stop having kids! LOL! So we are waiting to see if Nate gets this one job in Japan! Hopefully in the next week or so! If he does we could leave as soon as December of this year! Can you see me flying with 6 kids to Japan! Sometimes I think that I am just crazy trying to do this with 5 young kids and a new born! This baby in my belly is giving me lots of trouble! Preeclampsia and contractions just to name a few! I had severe Preelampsia with the twin and because of that I had to delivery the girls at 33 1/2 weeks! I dont want to do that with this baby at all! The doctor is seeing me every week right now and if my blood pressure keeps going up and the contraction get worse I have to go on bed rest in the hospital! I hope this does not happen! I do have 5 kids to watch and take care of and I do not have any family members that live up here! Thank goodness that I have such a great ward! It looks like this baby is a girl! We have decided that her name is going to be Amelia Jenette Peterson! I love this name! Hope all my family and friends are doing great!

Monday, March 14, 2011


What can I say but this sucks! I hate being pregnant! I have hyperemisis, which is like morning sickness but worse alot worse! I have had it with all of my babies and I am not used to it! Sometimes I wish I could just experience once what it felt like to not be sick and to enjoy this growing thing inside me! Dont get me wrong I do enjoy my children and love them like crazy! I have been throwing up alot and have passed out a few times and had to go in a few times for fluids! I feel like I cant be a mom or a wife! I am down about 7 pounds so far! I know this will pass but could it be now and not weeks from now! Sorry I had to vent! Maybe one day I will be able to look good for my husband and get out of the house without having to throw up in the near by trash can!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

9 years!

I am in love! What a hot and amazing husband I have! I can't believe that my husband has to go to Japan for 4 months without us! This won't happen till October! This means he will miss 3 of the kids Birthdays and my birthday and are 10th anniversary! I will miss him like crazy! 9 years have been amazing! I love you!

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Happy 3rd Birthday Taylor! What can I say about this crazy boy? He has kept Nate and I on are toes! Even though he is one hard kid we feel so blessed to have him in our family! We love you Taylor!